I work with clients to enhance their ability 
to create the life they desire

channeled consultations
With connection to my spirit guides I am able to tune into the higher powers of my client to bring forth understanding  and encourage exploration into life experiences in a deeper way. Messages come to me both through imagery and words. Many times the imagery means nothing to me but is an "aha" moment for my client. 
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Guided meditations
ALLOW....yourself, through meditation, to find the inner guidance from your higher self, from spirit guides, God ( whatever your name for it) and open up possibilities which previously seemed impossible.
For over 35 years I have led groups in mediation on many topics. Most people are looking for love, relationships, financial abundance, healing body and mind, creating a path they truly want to follow. 

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Past life regression
DISCOVER....the truly magnificent journey that your soul has travelled through the ages to bring you to this point in time. You have arrived. You are alive now with all the experience and love as a treasure chest within you. Many talents, interests, experiences, many people and loves can be laid out to you through the travel of your soul in your mind’s eye. You are here now. What is your purpose in the 21st-century? What issues need to be understood and released to clear your path? What are the talents you have to draw upon to create the life dream you have within your heart?... Take the magical journey into who you truly are.
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chakra healing

COME MORE ALIVE... by purposefully opening each of the seven energy centres in your body. Feel the full impact through the understanding of how each centre supports different aspects of you. 
The energy of the sun within me gives me the strength and power to
create the beautiful life that I desire. I hold myself capable of ...... 
...I relax into the power within.

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Soul Paintings
For each person's soul painting I incorporate imagery representative of interests, inspirations, aspirations and loves to weave a story or tapestry that reflects back to them their unique and magnificent presence. 
Universal themes, such as the four elements, present opportunities to delve into our collective consciousness in unique ways.  
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