My Awesome Clients

It inspires me to work with  the talented and interesting people who come to me, who are exploring their deeper selves and finding more meaning and enjoyment in their lives.

My Mission

I am the creator of my destiny.
My hope is that I can help others to see how they are creating their destiny, what the talents are that they possess and how to use them to create the lives they desire.....

I have known Lesley for over 25 years and I greatly value her refined intuitive insights and her spirituality. Lesley has an ability to help people find their soul connection, understand their past lives, release blockages and fulfill their potential. I studied intuitive development with Lesley for many years and as a result of her teachings and readings, I have been able to expand my perspective and soul awareness and more fully develop my own intuition and ability to work with energy fields.

Gail McBride / Creator & Editor of Food Tapestry

When I saw Lesley for a past life regression I was feeling anxious and uncertain about the coming changes in my life. As I went into the guided journey I seemed to be transported to different time and place where I met a wise man seated on a bench. During our conversation he answered my questions and I came away with a feeling of calm about my future. I had a sense that the decisions I make will work out for me and I now feel more confident in my ability to direct my own path in life.

Susan B.

I had a past life regression with Lesley Corte via phone and it was one of the most powerful readings I’ve ever had. I’ve done many regressions but nothing quite like this. This is the first time I’ve done a remote reading.
We went in between lives or rather I went in between lives and I have never done that before. I got to see how a relationship, which I had been in a quandary about came to be and ended in another life as well as many other lives. It answered so many questions. I could finally see where this bond had come from. It really gave me some clarity on what was going on.

Thank you so much Lesley. You are so gifted in what you do and would recommend a reading with you very highly.

Shelley Silverman | Art Director

This is to acknowledge with gratitude the beautiful, soulful painting that Lesley did for me. The painting captures my obsession with the Tree of Life model and includes other items that I associate with all levels of my life with copies of two of my poems. The painting is in the entrance hallway of my home and greets me and my guests when we enter and sets the atmosphere for whatever happens next. 

Thank you Lesley.

Rabbi Louis W. Sutker, PhD

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I am so glad to have met up with so many of my soul friends and loves in my life many people who are enthusiastically delving into their past lives, their life's purpose and training their minds to follow the path that fulfills their lives. 

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