god Is under your pillow
 Just before you sleep practise making intentions for what you want, whether it be a solution to a problem, or a new idea. Listen to the whispers of your dreams. Allow yourself time as you come to consciousness to listen to the thoughts that come before you are completely back in the world. Your day will be lined up for the right actions.
God  created the earth as a beautiful planet because beauty opens the heart and assigns the world to God. We create beauty in the world to remind ourselves that we are part of God.
Forgive Yourself
Sit quietly and in your mind’s eye imagine a flaming bonfire. Throw the guilt, the negative feelings from the past onto the fire and see the flames burn them away. The smoke disperses the negative energy into nothingness. The embers release ashes of gold that float as beautiful possibilities and ideas
Whatever helps you to appreciate your own magnificence is your next step.

Dreams Come True
The spirit soars, the feet plod, the heart defines.
The life flows, the work expands, more begins to flow.
The makeshift life becomes solid as the heart becomes definite. The money flows.
Become a sponge for spirit and make all your dreams come true.
wake up to your time

We all play a role in the march of history. Sometimes as citizens in a country living out a very private karma; sometimes part of the huge movement in the evolution of mankind; sometimes we play a major figure on the world stage. Who, believing in reincarnation, doesn't wonder who or what has become of Hitler or Princess Di and her soul sister, Mother Teresa; both playing out humanitarian role - one, beautiful, rich, attracting much attention; one living a life of poverty but equally famous; each in her own way bringing attention to the plight of humanity.
Then there are the Beatles..... who transformed the world and played a huge role in bringing Eastern philosophy to the west... the maharajah, Ravi Shankar, transcendental meditation and the breakdown or transformation of organized religion.
These people were of a time, of a wave of transformation.  I am part of this wave of history ...the greater sweep of philosophy that lives in the heart as an underlying theme to each of our daily lives.
It is a time for action now. I am witness to a new movement, a new wave building in which teenagers and young adults will be effecting change in the world.

Wake up to your time! Feel the very personal purpose of your life but also feel the strains of music playing for your generation. Humanity awakens instant by instant. Each infinite small moment is a momentous change in the world, the universe. Power to the people, Girl Power, make the world whole again. These are breezes and eddies of the wind that blows through our history, seeping into every cell of our bodies as we take our deep breaths in yoga classes, in daily meditations, making a meal, sitting in the hair salon or taking the dog for a walk. The whispers of the OHM’s, Shreem Brzee, sweetness of life, we reap the benefits of the collective sounds and the collective joyous arias. Make it matter to you.

Deepen your field of love by deepening your breath and the vision in your mind’s eye. Love your neighbour as yourself. Live life as if this is it. Because it is. THIS IS IT.

Every moment is my moment. Every moment is your moment. Make it IT.
August 2019
All power within
 All powers within are created by beauty and spirit moving through each element, each cel, each molecule, each purpose of life. Tuned to the finer levels the heightened spirit, the heightened love of life force within moves mountains for your own good, your own pleasure, your own prescriptive choice. Power of god within infiltrates all that you do within each day. Hopes and dreams are eternal. Conflagrations are diversions from the purposeful pathways.  The momentum must not be blocked to the energy of the purpose of this lifetime. Your mounting energy focus is of greater and greater import to the world's energy spirit systems.  
The purpose of each day unfolds more talents and more options through which you can channel your energy. You know where you are going and you know from whence you came and it is all mounting within you as a pressure to move, to move the momentum forward to walk again , through the aeons of old to renew the powers, the energies that were subsumed by time. The purpose now is to externalize and hold yourself dear to the energy spirits within. Hold yourself dear, hold yourself love, hold yourself confidence, hold yourself spirit, hold yourself magnificent, hold yourself in peace.  You are taking giant steps. You are home.
April 2020
the Sands of time
The sands of time blow off the cliff as dust
Float through the air in mist of moments passed
And florid scenes of hope and dreams are dashed
The lovely rose hides its secrets within its scent
The home of spirit is found within the time spent
Worlds within worlds rolling, tossing, turning,
Momentum churning of instinct and intellect.
Moments of power intensity
Moments of love and lightness
Moments to reconnect and make whole again.
Rolling home.
May 2020
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